Heretical Affirmations - Selections


You cannot always practice what you preach nor preach what you practice. Ambivalence, contradictions, and hypocrisy are the natural order of things.


History has shown that evil often goes unchallenged and unpunished, and good often unnoticed and unrewarded. Indeed, life simply offers more rewards and incentives for doing wrong than for doing right, making our continued survival as a species akin to a miracle.


No wrong can ever be truly righted. The only thing that can ever be done in the face of all that is wrong is to strive to contain the effects of the wrongs and to minimize the resulting loss, suffering, and pain.


Being intelligent is neither synonymous with nor necessarily conducive to being right. Tenacity and dedication can give you as much of an edge in life as intelligence, if not more so.


The longer you live, the more you lose. The more you lose, the longer you want to live to make up for what was lost. But nothing lost is ever really recoverable, and no life, no matter how long, can ever lead to satisfaction.


Every loss is permanent, and every gain, ephemeral.


There is no real healing to the tortured soul. Acceptance and moving on neither reflect nor affect healing; they are simply necessary requirements for survival.


There is no misery greater than feeling that you are not living up to your true potential or getting your just due, regardless of the actual merits of your self-perception.


We can all safely agree that no decent man or woman can afford to rest comfortably knowing that the quality of his or her life is based on ignoring the suffering of others. The problem, however, is that our very way of life is based on doing exactly that.


Perfection is often demanded of you, by yourself and/or others, but it will never be offered to you, neither by yourself nor others, no matter how strongly you demand it.